What is it?

Race.Radio gives cyclists a safe, simple way to communicate on the move, by turning your mobile phone into a remote-controlled, group walkie-talkie. It combines a handlebar-mounted remote with a mobile app, so that you can talk to friends and family, or give voice commands at the touch of a button.

Why are you doing it?

Cycling is pretty great as it is, right? Finding ways to make it even better is no easy task. Race.Radio isn't just a way to stay in touch when the group's separated, or to find out your average speed. It's a way to share the endeavour and achievement, the pain and the glory, with the people that matter the most to you.

Where are you at?

It's early days. We have a vision of what this could be, a functioning prototype and a business plan with a hockey stick growth curve. We're currently trying to advance the product so we have the option to raise money through crowdfunding if we get no concrete interest from angel investors. You can get the latest progress updates on the blog.

Who's behind it?

Race.Radio is the brainchild of Steven Elliott, who's deeply uncomfortable writing about himself in the third person and would rather address you directly. I've worked in marketing most of my career, managing and leading other people's agencies before starting my own. I rediscovered a love of cycling aged 40 and went all in. I write a cycling blog, Broleur, with my brother and run a cycling event, the Tour of the Roses. I'm lucky enough to live in Richmond with my family and dog, within easy reach of the park (by bike). Please befriend me on Strava or connect with me professionally on LinkedIn.

Michael has done the research and development, Bern and Matthew have crafted the digital and product design.

How can I get involved?

You probably wouldn't have gotten this far if you weren't interested in cycling, so let's take that as a given.

If you're cashed-up and like a flutter, we're seeking investment. Our tone may be informal, but this is a serious business opportunity. Contact Steve to see the investor presentation, including potential returns.

If you're a talented engineer craving freedom, autonomy and opportunity, we're looking for someone to take this concept and turn it into a shipping product. See the full job description on AngelList.

And if you just like the idea, or think it's terrible, then we'd really appreciate you telling us why in this survey.