Frequently Asked Questions

When will Race.Radio be available?

Race.Radio is currently in development. We hope to launch in the summer of 2020, but this will depend on funding and the level of interest. If you're interested, make sure you register with your email address on this website!

Will the Race.Radio Remote attach to any handlebars?

Yes, the strap that attaches the Race.Radio Remote to the handlebars is flexible so it will stretch to fit around aero bars, mountain bike bars or bars with multiple layers of bar tape if you're riding Paris-Roubaix.

How long does the Race.Radio Remote battery last?

The Race.Radio Remote uses a standard replaceable CR22 coin cell battery that lasts up to two years under normal conditions. If your bike is ridden or stored in very cold conditions the battery life may be reduced.

What phones does Race.Radio work with?

At launch there will be support for the two most recent major versions of the iOS and Android operating systems. As of February 2020, this would be iPhones running version 12.x or 13.x of iOS and Android devices running version 8.x or 9.x. There are currently no plans to support Windows-based mobile phones.

Is the Race.Radio mobile app free?

The core functionality of Race.Radio will be free, with some premium services available at an additional cost. The free version of the app will enable users to create and communicate with groups of up to four people, to share their location and to use the Race.Radio voice assistant.

Will Race.Radio drain my phone battery?

The app runs continually in the background when in use, but because your phone stays in the pocket with the screen off, Race.Radio uses very little power. The Race.Radio Remote uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect with your mobile phone, which is very energy-efficient.

How much data does Race.Radio use?

Race.Radio only transmits data when the Remote button is pressed. The app can use up to 3MB an hour when talking continuously, but in typical usage it's much less than this. An average audio message is about 7 seconds long and uses about 15KB of data.

Will Race.Radio work without a network connection?

Race.Radio can operate on a 3G/4G/5G cellular network, WiFi or via Bluetooth. When a network connection is lost, you receive an audio alert. Any messages recorded will be stored locally on your phone until it reconnects to a network, at which point they will be sent. A flashing LED light on the Race.Radio Remote will indicate if a message has been received while you were offline. These messages can be played by double-clicking the Race.Radio Remote.

What's the range for Race.Radio?

When operating on a cellular network, the range for Race.Radio is effectively unlimited. You can speak to people in another country as easily as other people in your group. When using Bluetooth, conversations can be held over a distance of 100m, however messages can be sent via a "daisy-chain" across multiple phones if they have the Race.Radio app installed.

How many people can use Race.Radio?

The free version of the Race.Radio app supports groups of up to four people. For groups of five or more, a premium subscription is required. Payment is possible through the app.

Does Race.Radio track my location?

Yes, Race.Radio tracks your location at all times and this is necessary in order for the app to function correctly. You can, however, choose whether to share your location with other individuals in your contact list or with groups that you are a member of. If you share your location with a group, everyone in that group will be able to see your location. Your location data is not stored or retained by Race.Radio.

Does Race.Radio store my messages?

Yes, all messages sent via Race.Radio are stored in the app for two weeks and then deleted. This enables you to listen back to conversations and download them if you want to save them for posterity.